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Quotes from our reviews:

"The video of our wedding has become more important to me than our pictures because it truely captures the magic and excitement of that day. When I watch our video I can relive that wonderful day again.".

"Our wedding video exceeded anything we could have ever imagined or hoped for; it was simply perfect. I don't know what else to say Tim, but from the bottom of our hearts...thank you.".

"Tim did an excellent job with our wedding video. It was exactly what we were hoping for! Many of the other videographers we had researched tried to make the video too artistic by making it into a montage or were at the other extreme and basically filmed it like a documentary. Tim did a great job of finding middle ground with his editing...".

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What sets us apart?

10 years of experience. In video production vigilance is attained by experience. 2015 marks our 10th year of wedding video production. Without experience, a videographer will follow the action. An experienced videographer, on the other hand, will stay ahead of the action. Because of experience shooting all kinds of weddings, the action can be anticipated and captured from the front and not from behind.

A high view of marriage. Attitude, exposure, and outlook. An artist can't escape the mind-set he or she brings to a wedding or event. A professional video it is an expression of an experience as seen through the eyes of the artist. An idealistic view of marriage fuels the energy that is expended to capture, edit and produce great wedding videos!

Attention to style and vision. All of us come packaged with preconceived notions, preferences, likes and dislikes. Therefore, every effort is made to thoroughly understand what each couple foresees is important. If we make sure we understand what people and plans are involved in your wedding or event, then we know what subjects and themes to build into your story.

Careful planning. As the itinerary is laid out, the videographer knows how to plan for each venue and event. Every detail of timing, anticipated lighting, and requirements for premium sound capture is planned ahead of the event. Because of this planning beforehand, the videographer can give attention to spontaneity and randomness of human interactions.

Priority given not only to the best video, but also to the event sound track. The days of the silent films are over. Unless you're trying to achieve an old film feel, you hopefully won't need subtitles in your video. Filmmakers and sound design artists understand the importance of primary dialog, subtle dialog, and ambient sound. Equal weight is given to both video and audio planning. All dialog and scene sounds are monitored and recorded live. All audio is recorded with premium professional equipment using both on-camera mics, and off-camera wireless mics. A mufti-channel field recorder set up, close to the source, to record live music and performance music.

Digital delivery included with every wedding video package. You will aquire all of your edited wedding video files on a USB flash thumb drive to use as you wish.

Online viewing of your entire wedding video and highlights video. You will be emailed a private web link so that you, or anyone you share the link with, will have instant access to watch your video online at any time.

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Wedding Packages

All Wedding Packages Include:

  • A pre-wedding consultation, either by phone, email, or in person.
  • This will hellp you to know exactly what to expect for your coverage. This communication will also enable the videographer to know the plans you have for your wedding and customize accordingly.

  • Two HD DSLR video cameras providing broadcast quality video.
  • Two video cameras will provide multiple angle point of view of the entire ceremony.

  • An edited 60 to 120 minute wedding documentary
  • The ceremony, and events such as grand marches, toasts, first dances are shown in their entirety...along with many scenes in-between. The edit will include carefully selected music to go along with appropriate scenes.

  • An 8 to 12 minute video of the wedding highlights
  • When friends and family can't take the time to watch your full length video, this shorter version is easily accessed online. And it also will be part of your digital delivery files, DVD or HD Blu-ray disc.

  • One full year online access to your entire full length wedding video
  • This is the age of online streaming of full length movies. We now have access to that technology! You will have the ability to use any desktop computer, mobile device, or smart TV to have immediate access to the best movie of all time - your wedding day! After your wedding, you will be emailed the online private access link to your wedding video. You have the freedom to share this private access link with anyone you wish in high-definition up to 1080p.

  • Digital Delivery of HD video files on a USB flash thumb drive.
  • Even though DVDs and Blu-ray discs may still be around another decade, digital video files are probably here to stay. Video files can now easily be streamed online, played though a laptop or smart TV. There are even cloud storage services that will store your files so they'll be accessible with a touch of your finger on any mobile device. Now that MacBooks come without optical drives, more people are asking for digital MP4 files only.

  • The option to have the entire wedding video authored on DVD or Blu-ray disc.
  • DVD and Blu-ray discs are enclosed in custom designed cases with a matching disc print design and title. Disc media will include menus for navigating scenes.

    Sapphire Ceremony Package

  • digital delivery only $1550
  • 4 DVD and/or Blu-ray disc sets* plus digital delivery $1850
  • Coverage begins with bride, groom and wedding party preparations, includes the entire ceremony, and any events on site following the ceremony.

    Ruby Ceremony and Reception Package

  • digital delivery only $1950
  • 4 DVD and/or Blu-ray disc sets* plus digital delivery $2250
  • Coverage begins with bride, groom and wedding party preparations and ends well into the general dancing at the reception. Planned events such as the ceremony, toasts, and first dances will be filmed in their entirety.

    Diamond Deluxe Wedding Day Package

  • digital delivery only $2450
  • 6 DVD and/or Blu-ray disc sets* plus digital delivery $2750
  • This essentially is an all-day documentary. Coverage may begin as early as 9am and end as late as 10pm. Planned itinerary events such as salon preparations, at home preparations, and extra location shoots may be included in this package. Two videographers will provide coverage.

    Booking and Payment

    Reservations for wedding videography are made on a first come-first serve basis. A ½ deposit and a signed contract is required in order to book your wedding date. The remaining balance is due by the day of the wedding.

    Wedding Video Production

  • Blu-ray and DVD wedding video production
  • Digital delivery of video files on USB thumb drive
  • Wedding Highlights posted on the web!

  • Choose from our wedding packages

    Freelance Videography

  • Digital HD cinematography, web video, DVD and Blu-ray production
  • Life story documentary with interviews combined with photo stories
  • Performing Arts, singers, dance performance, plays and theater productions
  • Anniversaries and birthday celebrations, Quinceañeras,
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
  • Memorial celebrations
  • Business Events
  • Photo Motion Slide Shows

  • Love Story slide show synced with music of your choosing for wedding receptions
  • Graduation slide shows
  • Landmark birthday slideshows
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    Aubree Legg, artist and writer aubreelegg.tumblr.com

    My daughter, Aubree, is in the last year of earning her degree in illustration at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

    Aaron Legg Aaron Legg YouTube channel

    My son, Aaron, has been creating his own short films including inspirational, stop motion, and horror. He is currently enrolled at Columbia College in Chicago and majors in film directing.

    Jeff Legg, oil painter www.jefflegg.com

    My brother, Jeff, is a world renouned painter and the Gold award winning Master Signature Member of Oil Painters of America.

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