Our home is in peaceful Sun Prairie, Wisconsin! As members of a close-knit family
we work as one unit to bring you both photography and videography.
Our philosophy is to exceed expectations!

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Tim Legg | Photographer & Owner

“It’s exhilarating diving into wedding photography! I love it for the same reason I’ve loved videography. I love telling stories. And it’s bittersweet handing off the videography to Trevor and Aaron. Sweet because I’ll get to take a breath in between shots. Bitter because my baby is now their baby. ”



Trevor Legg | Videographer & Editor

“I’ve become the chief videographer and editor in the past few years. Now it’s a passion! Outside of Video Reflections, I love to spend time with my church family, play board games, pet my dog Biscuit, adventure with my sister, and cook with mom.”



Aaron Legg | Videographer

“As a filmmaker I use my creativity to display imagination as a way of life. In 2017, I graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Art & Science. I reside in Chicago,
but I’ll also be wherever you are shooting wedding films with my brother Trevor!”


Abby Legg.png

Abby Legg | Second Photographer

“I was destined to be a part of the fab four. Dad says I’m one of the creatives. Our photo shoots have been a success, and I love doing them. I also love hanging out with these guys!”