Our home is in peaceful Sun Prairie, Wisconsin! Our team has a blast working together to fulfill our filmmaking passion. As a family, we work closely together to make each other better. Our philosophy is not only to deliver excellence, but to exceed expectations.

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Tim Legg | Owner

“With every wedding I continue to enjoy making wedding films. I love it because I love telling stories! Just ask one of my kids. Aaron and Trevor’s work is worth more than gold. Their brilliant camera work and editing skill define what Video Reflections is becoming. I'm excited to keep hearing from so many couples, “We just love our wedding video!””



Aaron Legg | Videographer

“As a filmmaker I use my creativity to display imagination as a way of life. In 2017, I graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Art & Science. Trevor and I are brothers and we’re at full potential when we work together.”

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Trevor Legg | Videographer & Editor

“I’ve been shooting and editing for the last couple of years. Outside of Video Reflections, I love to spend time with my campus ministry, at the gym, petting my dog biscuit, traveling with my sister, and drinking chocolate milk. My passion of making timeless videos for couples keeps growing. I am always focusing on the best way I can serve you!”